Frequently Asked Questions And Contacts

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When should I expect to get my invitation to Showcase?

The official invitations are sent in October 2019.


I’ve lost my invitation. Where can I find it?

You can find your invitation online by logging into My Showcase.


I’ve not had an invitation to Showcase. How can I ask for one?

Showcase is an invitation-only event. If you’d like to come, please enter your details here. If your request is approved, you’ll get an invitation.


I’ve been sent an invitation email but I can’t come. Do I need to let anyone know?

It would be great if you can let us know. This will stop you getting unnecessary Showcase-related emails. Please decline your place either via the invitation or My Showcase.


I’ve missed the deadline, can I still register?

Yes, we’ll still try to help you, even if you missed the registration deadline. However, due to the number of people already registered, we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to allocate you a booth, secure your preferred hotel, or offer you a place at our evening events.


I’ve got an invitation and I’d like to come. Should I book accommodation now?

You can book a room through My Showcase. As ever, we've arranged premium accommodation in a wide range of hotels close to the venue. Before you book travel and accommodation, please check our opening hours and daytime schedule.


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I haven't had an invitation to the evening events. Can I still go?

Showcase evening events are invitation-only. Unfortunately, limited capacity means we can only offer a restricted number of tickets. You can add yourself to the waitlist by going to the Box Office and any uncollected tickets will be re-allocated at 4pm each day. If you are on the waitlist and have been allocated a seat, we will email your table number and arrival time.


What should I do if I can't go to the evening event?

If you can’t go, please email or let your BBC contact know so they can inform the Box Office. If you’re already onsite and can no longer come, please go to the Box Office and let you BBC contact know.


Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

We can’t transfer evening tickets, sorry. You’ll need your delegate badge and photo ID to get into the event. If you can’t come, please go to the Box Office and let your BBC contact know.


When is the RSVP deadline?

You need to RSVP by Friday 31st January. Unfortunately, if you reply after this date your invitation won’t be valid.


I replied after the deadline, can I still turn up?

Unfortunately we can’t accept your RSVP after the deadline. Please visit the Box Office at the ACC for more information about tickets.


When will I get my ticket?

Your Showcase delegate badge will act as your ticket to the evening events. You must confirm your ticket when you check in at the kiosks on arrival to Showcase. Any seats which haven’t been confirmed at the kiosks by 4pm will be released to the waitlist. You’ll need to bring your delegate badge and photo ID to enter the evening events. If you’ve confirmed your ticket but can no longer make it, please let someone at the Box Office know.


You don’t need a ticket or your delegate badge for the Sunday evening event. Please see your invitation on My Showcase for details.


Will I need to pay for my meal and drinks?

No, it’s all on us.


What's the dress code for the evening events?

Please see your invitation on My Showcase for information.


Is the evening event going to be filmed?

Yes, each evening event will be filmed for internal use after Showcase.


Is transport provided to and from the ACC?

We can’t provide transport to and from the ACC, sorry. Your hotel staff can help with transport queries. Taxis are very frequent in Liverpool. One local recommended taxi company is ComCab – Telephone: +44 (0) 151 298 2222


Do I need to wear my delegate badge in the ACC?

For your safety and security, please wear your delegate badge at all times inside the ACC Liverpool. If you lose it, just let our reception team know and they'll replace it for you.


Will there be security checks at the ACC?

Random security checks and bag searches will be in operation at the ACC. Please note, all luggage and large bags will be searched.


Is there a cloakroom at the ACC?

There is a cloakroom on the ACC Galleria floor. For security, we suggest you leave any oversized luggage at your hotel.


Will I be allowed in and out of the ACC Arena to smoke?

Yes, there’s a smoking area outside the ACC arena. To get to and from the arena, you’ll need to show your ticket and delegate badge to security.


I couldn't get a ticket for the evening events. Do you have any suggestions about what I can do in Liverpool?

Liverpool is an exciting city with lots to see and do. If you’d like to explore the city, click here for information.



What is My Showcase?

My Showcase is your personalised online portal where you can register for Showcase and manage your profile. You can book your accommodation and screening booths, subscribe to premiere sessions and events, and change your preferences and personal details. We’ll send you updates via My Showcase so you don’t miss any news about the event.


You can log in at any time to change your preferences and bookings, and get updates about your Showcase experience.


How do I log into My Showcase?

Once you get your invitation – and accept online – you’ll be taken to a page where you can create your login details. Your existing email address will be your username, and you’ll be asked to create a password. Alternatively, please log in here.


I‘ve forgotten my password. How do I get a new one?

Just click on the ‘Forgotten your password?


Where do I complete my Showcase registration?

You need to complete your registration online. To do this, just log into My Showcase and complete the questionnaire.


How do I know when I’ve completed my registration for Showcase?

Once you’ve answered the mandatory questions the status bar at the top of your profile page will display this message: “Thanks for registering for this year’s Showcase. We’re looking forward to seeing you in Liverpool.” Your status will change from ‘Invited’ to ‘Registered’.


Can I change my details after I’ve submitted my registration?

Yes, you can log into My Showcase at any time to edit your registration form.


How do I cancel my registration for Showcase 2020?

Cancel your registration by logging into My Showcase and clicking the ‘I can no longer attend’ link at the bottom of your profile page. Your status will change from ‘Registered’ to ‘Cancelled.’ Please also cancel your accommodation (see more information under Accommodation FAQs below).


I can no longer come to Showcase. Can my colleague take my place?

If you’d like a colleague to take your place then log into My Showcase, click ‘Give my place to’ and enter their details. Once they’ve been approved to attend, they’ll get an invitation to register and take your booth and evening ticket if applicable.


I’m a PA. Can I register on behalf of my manager?

Yes. Your manager can add you via their profile on My Showcase. You’ll then get a copy of all future communications to your manager. If you’re having issues, please email and ask for your email to be added to your manager’s profile.


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You’ll be able to book accommodation as soon as you get your invitation and complete your registration form.


How do I book my accommodation?

Once you’ve registered, you can go into My Showcase and book through our preferred supplier, Access Booking. You’ll need to give debit or credit card details when you book. If you need more information about payment terms and conditions, please email


When will I get confirmation of my booking?

Hotel confirmations will be sent directly to you within 24 hours of making the booking. Please check the cancellation and amendment conditions on your hotel confirmation.


Can I make changes to my hotel booking?

Yes, you’ll need to email as the hotels won’t accept changes direct from guests. Please check the cancellation date under Hotel Policies when you book your hotel.


Can I book a group of my colleagues into the same hotel?

Yes, on the hotel booking system you can choose the number of rooms you need and enter individual guest names and email addresses.


Still not found what you were looking for? Access Bookings can answer any other questions about accommodation at:

Accommodation – WorldPay

To make your booking safe and secure, Access Bookings use WorldPay, a secure payment gateway. All card details are processed in line with PCI DSS security standards.


Will my card be charged up front?

No, you’ll need to pay for your room at the hotel. However, your booking is guaranteed on the payment card you used to make the reservation. If you cancel late, don’t turn up, or incur incidental charges – the card you used to book with will be charged.


How are my card details collected?

Your card details are collected when you book and stored securely by WorldPay FuturePay. This tool allows your card details to be collected securely and prevents the need for immediate payment.


Are my card details secure?

Yes, all card details are processed in line with PCI DSS security standards. Any charges due are made through an encrypted web interface. Your card details are 100% secure and aren’t visible at any time.


What cards do you accept?

Access Bookings accept all major credit and debit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Solo, Delta, JCB and Maestro. Security and fraud protection is provided by WorldPay.


What are FuturePay agreements?

FuturePay agreements are online arrangements similar to standing orders and direct debits, but funds can also be debited from your debit or credit card.


What is a FuturePay agreement ID?

An agreement ID is the number reference given to a FuturePay agreement. You can find your agreement ID on the confirmation email sent to you when your agreement was first created (this email also contains your username and password for our Shopper Management System), or on the transaction confirmation email, which is generated when a payment is debited from your card.


How long will WorldPay keep my card details for?

Your card details will be stored securely by WorldPay until 20 March 2020, by which time Access Bookings Ltd will have fully reconciled all payments made to, or requested by, the hotel. Once card details have been supplied to WorldPay you’ll get email confirmation of your agreement which clearly shows the end date. After this date no more payments can be made and the agreement will automatically end. If you have any more questions please refer to the FuturePay agreement confirmation or email Please remember your card will only be charged by Access Bookings Ltd in the case of a no-show or late cancellation. Guests need to pay for their reservation at the hotel.


Can I change the card I guaranteed my reservation with?

Yes, please contact a member of the Access Events Team on and they can guide you through the process.


Can I cancel or make changes?

Yes, you’ll need to email the Access Bookings Team on as the hotels won’t accept changes direct from guests. Please check the cancellation date under Hotel Policies when you book your hotel. If you cancel your booking after the cancellation date, you’ll be charged. We’ll do our best to reallocate the rooms to avoid this where possible.



What’s the best route from London to Liverpool?

Your best option is to go via train to Liverpool Lime Street, which is the closest station to the ACC. There are direct trains to Liverpool Lime Street from London Euston every hour and they take just over two hours. You can get more information at the Trainline website.


How do I get from Liverpool Lime Street Station to the ACC or hotel?

The best option is to go via taxi. As you get off the train at Liverpool Lime Street, head to the exit on the left of the station and you’ll find a taxi rank. Taxis to hotels and the ACC cost around £5/6.


You can find a map of Liverpool here.


How do I get from Manchester Airport to Liverpool?

You can find more information about travelling to and from Manchester Airport by visiting their website. There are plenty of taxis available at the airport; you’ll find a taxi rank outside the entrance of every terminal. The journey from Liverpool city centre is 40 miles; it takes around an hour and costs about £65. (Street Cars: 0161 228 7878)


How do I get from Liverpool John Lennon Airport to the ACC?

You can visit the Liverpool John Lennon Airport website for more information about travelling to and from the city centre. There’s a taxi rank at the entrance of every terminal. The journey to the ACC is 9 miles; it takes around 25 minutes and costs about £20. (ComCab: 0151 298 2222)


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When will I get the daytime programme of events?

We’re working hard planning premieres and forums that will give you valuable insights into our new content. Please sign into My Showcase to view this year’s programme of events. We’ll add more sessions and details when they’re confirmed.


What evening events are planned for Showcase?

We can’t announce the details yet, but there’ll be some stunning events at Showcase. These will be by invitation only – we’ll send invitations in plenty of time.


What are the opening times?

Sunday 9 February 14:00-18:00

Monday 10 February 08:00-18:00

Tuesday 11 February 08:00-18:00

Wednesday 12 February 08:00-12:00


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Before you arrive in Liverpool we’ll send you a Welcome Pack including everything you need to know.


Is there free Wi-Fi available at the ACC?

Yes, you can get free Wi-Fi throughout the ACC. Login details will be displayed at the venue.


Can I smoke in the ACC?

The ACC has a strict no-smoking policy, but there are designated smoking areas outside the building.


Can I get lunch, drinks and snacks at the venue?

Yes, as always there will be a wide range of free food and drink options on offer at the ACC. Please list your dietary requirements at My Showcase.


Is there an ATM/cash machine on site?

Yes, you can find it towards the back of the building at the riverside entrance on the lower ground floor.


Can I park at the venue?

There are secure car parking options available at the ACC. For more information, please visit - main.


Where is the taxi drop-off point at the ACC?

Please ask your driver to drop you off at the Riverside entrance to the ACC. The drop-off/pick-up point is on Monarch’s Quay, right next to the venue.


We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Liverpool.


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How can I screen content at Showcase?


There are three ways to screen content:

  • Pre-book a booth for specific slots from Janurary 2020, via My Showcase. 
  • Book a short-stay booth in person at the venue during the event. You can book one hour sessions.
  • You can screen on an iPad in a dedicated lounge space near the screening booths.



How do I book my screening preference?


You can choose your preferred sessions in My Showcase from January 2020.




If you can’t find an answer to your question above, feel free to ask us at: